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Paz Makes A Tough Decision

Power Season 6

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Poor Paz, she is really not handling the death of her sister well. Not only does she not have the money to pay for the funeral — keep in mind she told Jamie no — Angela’s benefits are being held up too. Annoying ass Saxe reveals to her that due to Angela’s complicated involvement in the case the government is holding the funds up. He vowes to help speed things up but needs more information from Paz. She is still fed up because he hasn’t arrested Ghost yet and thought that allowing Saxe to perform an autopsy on her sister would help. Newsflash it won’t. Saxe tells her he will keep working to put James behind bars and to share anything she finds of relevance in Angie’s belongings with him.

While going through her sister’s things in the deceased government prosecutor’s apartment, she stumbles upon the burner phone she used to speak with Tasha. She texts the number she believes belongs to Ghost asking to meet up but has no idea it’s his estranged wife on the other end. Paz is surprised to find out that she was speaking with Tasha but learns that Angela was working with the St.Patricks and had no intention of flipping on Ghost. Tasha also convinces Paz that Ghost didn’t kill her sister at all.

After leaving the meeting with some new clarity on the situation, she makes a tough decision. She learns from the pastor that someone paid for the cost of the funeral, she decides to find out who. She immediately calls Saxe to see if he was able to get Angela’s benefits to clear, he says they are still being held up. After she hangs up the call, she texts Tasha and says thank you because she figured it out that Jame’s wife paid the funeral costs. It’s there she decides to bury her sister’s secrets with her, and she puts the burner phone in Angela’s casket.

Finally, Paz does something right.

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