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Ghost and Tasha 2.0?

Power Season 6

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While his parents are currently beginning the divorce process, Riq is at Choate working on becoming the man he hates so much… his dad. No longer satisfied with just getting good grades and living his best life, the oldest seed of Ghost is now a pill-pushing hustler. Riq has a very lucrative drug business going on at his school and is using his roommate to help push his product. It looks like Uncle Tommy and the lessons from his mentor Kanan are rubbing off on him.

But like any good business, word spreads around very fast. Riq’s drug dealing ways has caught the attention of another Black student who requests to have a conversation with Riq. Unlike Riq, she is from the hood, but is about her studies (sounds very familiar) and feels that being both she and he is a handful of Black kids at the school his decision to peddle pills is only adding to the stereotype. Of course, Riq doesn’t give a damn what she thinks and hits her with a clever counteroffer to join his crew which will provide her with the opportunity to make some real money to improve her conditions at Choate.

His pitch works because she shows up later at his dorm room and accepts his offer. The new business partners and more than likely couple go inside to play some video games. If this doesn’t sound precisely like Ghost and Tasha’s origin story, we don’t know what does. Brilliant, young, Black woman getting involved with a knuckled head teen boy, this just screams James and Tasha 2.0. We see what you’re doing here Power writers.

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