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Tommy Has The Advantage

Power Season 6

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With Ghost believing that he is dead, Tommy knows he has an advantage, and he decides to use it. His first move while “dead” is to get people on his side and he manages to recruit both Tasha and Riq. Tasha wants a divorce, but thanks to their prenup, she gets nothing because she initiated the proceedings. With Ghost dead, she can get all of his money and assets plus the revenge she seeks for him killing the “love of her life,” Terry Silver. Riq just can’t stand his dad and wants him out of the way, and he has no feelings if Uncle Tommy kills his pops.

Tommy also uses the time to school Keisha onto the game. She is down for the cause and Tasha advises her to keep her and Kash happy so she won’t dime them out. Keisha, on the other hand, is over the St.Patricks and wants her boo to stop talking to Tasha altogether and is excited to be involved with Tommy’s drug business. Funny we remember she was all against that a few seasons ago but whatever.

Jason is cleverly using this whole Ghost vs. Tommy thing to his advantage as well. He tells Tommy that he cannot kill Ghost because basically, he would be out of $100K payments every two weeks. Jason doesn’t reveal that to Tommy, of course. He offers Tommy protection, but it won’t come free, and if he misses a payment, Jason will tell his guys to sit back and let Ghost kill him. With the upper hand, Tommy will make a colossal move later that we will touch on that will shake Ghost to his core and hit him where it hurts.

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