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Tasha Wants A Divorce

Power Season 5, Episode 8 "A Friend of The Family

Source: Power / Starz

Tasha is fed up and worried at the same time. She is tired of having to deal with Ghost, her son is driving her crazy. She is also looking for the “love of her life” Terry Silver. We all know that Ghost put choked the life out him literally, but his wife has no clue. Her search for Mr.Silver brings him to his law firm where she finds out he hasn’t been to work, making her even more worried that he met his demise.

Tasha finally links up with Ghost, and he tells her that Angela is dead and that Tommy did it. Deep down inside we know Tasha could care less, but she didn’t want Tommy to do it. The conversation goes left when Ghost suggests that Tommy is enjoying this cause he killed the women that he loved. Tasha gets annoyed and asks Ghost what happened to the man that she loved, Terry Silver and if he knows what happened to him? Ghost lies and denies any knowledge of his whereabouts. Before Tasha leaves the office, she tells her husband that she wants a divorce.

Tasha’s mom though always was against her daughter’s way of thinking. She wants Tasha to forget this whole divorce thing and get back with Ghost being that she has no job or place to live. Tasha is not with that plan and vows to her revenge against Ghost herself without going to the cops.

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