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The Odds Are Stacking Up Against Ghost

Power Season 6 Premiere

Source: Power / Starz

Ghost wastes no time in his quest for revenge. In the episode, he informs Proctor he has no intentions of seeing Tommy behind bars, but in a body bag. His first encounter with his former business partner has the two “brothers” engaging in a brawl with neither of them gaining the upper hand on each other. The struggle fight is broken up when Riq (Michael Rainey Jr.) walks through the door much to the surprise of both of them.

Ghost wants to know why his son is not in school, and Riq being the spoiled “struggle gangster” that he is gives talks back to his father with an ounce of fear. Oh, this boy needs his ass whooped seriously. After the standoff Ghost leaves but lets Tommy know that they are not finished. Tariq tells Uncle Tommy that he needs him to help him do something, which is to help him spread his now-deceased mentor, Kanan’s ashes. Tommy agrees but informs his nephew that he has to take care of some business with his connect Jason.

Tommy and Riq link back up on the roof of his apartment and have a somber moment. Before Riq can spread Kanan’s ashes, Tommy sprinkles some in his joint and blows him the air. The two have a discussion about Ghost with Tommy asking his nephew how he would feel if something terrible happened to his father? Riq responds saying he honestly wouldn’t feel any kind of way. Looks like Tommy has both Tasha and Riq in his corner now and the odds are stacking against Ghost immensely.

Unbeknownst to them, Ghost was outside waiting to make his move on Tommy but has to cancel his hit cause Riq was with him. Ghost is stunned, but we know he takes notice of everything and now knows he really can’t even trust his own son.

Ghost does have one ace up his sleeve, and that is Proctor. He pays him a visit to follow-up after Proctor supplied him with the wrong information about Angela being the witness. He breaks down how Angela was killed by Tommy and that Saxe revealed there is still another female witness out there willing to testify against him.

Power Season 6 Premiere

Source: Power / Starz

After he gets Ghost to cool down, he implores his client to turn Tommy in, but Ghost wants him dead…period! Proctor also suggests that Ghost needs to get ahead of things by going in and talking to the feds.

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