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Saxe Is On The Case

Power S5 - 506 "A Changed Man"

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The effects of Angela’s death is also being felt at her old job as well. Saxe (Shane Johnson), Jerry (Ty Jones), and Tameika (Quincy Tyler Bernstine)convene at the office to pretty much blame and question each other. Saxe is positive that James was behind Angela’s death while Jerry and Tameika feel he doesn’t have enough evidence to prove that. Saxe knows it could be Ghost because he revealed to Proctor that a female witness was willing to testify against his client. Knowing that Proctor (Jerry Ferrara) would run to James with that info, it makes perfect sense to Saxe that Ghost would kill Angie. After a bit of back and forth between the trio, Saxe vows to build his case against Ghost and take him down for the murder.

Now on the case, Saxe stops by the hospital to see Angela and finds her sister Paz crying over her sister’s corpse. He expresses “sincere” regret for Angela’s death, but Paz is not trying to hear it. Saxe wants to conduct an autopsy on Angela’s body but needs Paz’s consent to do so, and she flat out says no. He somehow switches the guilt trip around on Paz. He tells her if she doesn’t go through with the autopsy and Ghost gets away, she will be the only person to blame.

Saxe then finds Proctor and tries to squeeze some sort of confession out of him. Ghost’s attorney proves why he is worth every damn dollar and manages to turn the tables on Saxe. Proctor hits Saxe in the gut when he reminds him that he shared confidential information about a federal witness with him. Proctor leaves, and Saxe heads back to the office with his tail between his legs only to learn that Tameika has been fired.

She has now been replaced with a new character we will grow to hate throughout the season by the name Jacob Warner (Evan Handler). He takes over as the new US District Attorney for the eastern district. Warner wastes no time settling into his new position. Before he could call in the security to have Saxe’s ass removed, Saxe makes a case for himself to be allowed to stay on the job and bring down not only Ghost but everyone and get them the death penalty.

Warner agrees, but he gives Saxe a very short leash being that he is breaking all kinds of laws. He tells his new underling that is he messes this up, Tameika will be holding a spot for him in the unemployment line, and he will draw up Saxe’s indictment papers personally. Saxe will also be getting another break in his investigation as well.

After Paz has another encounter with Ghost where he tried to convince her he didn’t kill Angela and offered to pay for the funeral, she decides to let Saxe conduct the autopsy.

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