Since it’s inception I’ve been a fan of Harlem Heights. The concept of the show kinda embodies what my life is about. I’m a twenty-something College Grad with dreams and aspirations of taking my Blog/Brand to the next level and beyond. When I first got wind of the show, and it’s take on several twenty-somethings trying to make their mark on the world by way of Harlem, USA-I was on deck. After attending the premiere, I was interested in seeing how the season would unfold. When watching the show several Characters register as favorites to me. One such character is Miss Brooke Crittendon, best known unfortunately as the Ex of Mr. Kanye West. Not that-that’s an unfortunate position to be in-but because there’s much more to Brooke than that.

You know we don’t do traditional Q & A around here, so let’s get into it..

As a native of Baltimore I asked Brooke what she prefers New York style or Bmore Fashion. She loves Baltimore to death but its array of Colored nails/hair, freeze curls, gold teeth or Southern Couture as she calls it is no match for the Fashion Capital of the World. Brooke loves New York’s style-because it’s comfortable and trendy.

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When thinking of Harlem Heights from a Fly perspective two females come to mind, the duo of Brooke and Brianna. So I asked Brooke what inspires her style. She’s inspired by the 80’s fashion scene. She loves leggings and she loves the concept of one accessory e.g. one glove, one earring. She’s into vintage clothes and thrift stores and has three major rules for her sense of fashion. 1, Comfort comes first 2, Nothing super duper tight (she loves a loose fit) and 3, No Stilettos. When she’s older she wants pretty toes-no hammer toes for Brooke. I can digg it.

 I did throw a little fashion Trivia at her…

Rihanna or Beyonce? Rihanna of course,

Uniqlo or H&M? H&M, baby!

Macy’s or Bloomingdales? Bloomies…

Trendy or Classic? Classic

Shoes or Sneakers? Sneakers

Adidas or Sneakers? NIKES!


Ok, back to the show. Ironically Brooke and Ashlie are two of my favorites, I’ve had a pow wow with Ash and she’s a really cool young lady. Naturally I asked if she expected that her and Ash would ever be friends. Brooke replied that they grew apart partly due to their similarities. As it stands the situation has escalated not because of their saying or doing but due to the involvement of both camps. They’ve lost sight of the original issues and it almost apperas as if the crews are battling each other. If you notice the two never really talk bad about each other-which Brooke acknowledges as they are all seeing this footage for the first time.

Reality Shows are always editing, How much of the Brooke we see-is the real Brooke? Will the real Brooke Crittendon please stand up? Brooke was very careful to be true to herself during the taping of this season. At times there is an overload of the negative qualities but hopefully in due time the more loving and joking characteristics will be revealed-creating more of a balance of who Brooke truly is.

Is it scripted?

The majority of my peers who I have had the Harlem Heights conversation with really digg the concept of the show but feel it’s a little scripted.

Brooke does like the direction the show is going in. However, she is quick to point out the shows platform as a docu-film when asked if it was as scripted as it looks sometimes. There are tons of footage that was taken and like most shows the editors put together what they feel is necessary for the overall vision of the show. Fair enough. When Harlem Heights was just a buzz-I like many expected a Real World-ish Vibe with Non stop action and “Real Life”. When she said the word Docu-film, it all made sense. Looking at it from that lense, I get it. No ones life is that interesting 24 hours a day. I’d beg to differ Brooke-do you follow me on twitter? HA!

Brooke’s Future Plans will hopefully land her in front of the Camera. She’ll give Harlem Heights another round if the opportunity presents itself-however don’t expect her to max out with the show. I’d say this budding star definitely has the potential to make a future onscreen happen. Until then, I’ll continue watching…



-Stay FLY!

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