Bey shakes what her mama gave her on the I Am Sasha Fierce Tour.
You have to admit, she knows how to put on a show!

-Stay Fly!




11 responses to “SASHA GETS IT IN!”

  1. L. Avatar

    Boo to her dancers LOL…bring Dana back!

  2. L. Avatar

    OK…no disrespect to them….LOL….but Dana is a beast!

  3. JAPES Avatar

    1st of all – Bey gets it in EVERY time! But, ummmm….are my eyes deceiving me or did she trip on her shoe at about 1:30/2:37??? And I think she used the “ish” word…*tisk tisk*(ha,ha – – funny for me). And 2ndly, do WE notice that Beyonce is going to keep a Mega 25,000 BTU Fan at the foot of her stage! Every performance that hair look like it’s caught up in a tornado! …but hey I LIVE FOR HER, so get in Bey!

  4. Im Jamie J Avatar
    Im Jamie J

    Rea….once again


    It’s not against B, she’s great! However, when you’re at such a status and you camp is whack, you can be held accountable. All the world sees is what’s up front…when you are in the industry and know what happens behind the scenes (it’s a bit nerve wrecking), B should not be so oblivious to the dumb shyt that goes on. That’s only b/c your camp portrays you as something you are not to the people who love you (not the outsiders to the industry)!


  5. Im Jamie J Avatar
    Im Jamie J

    Sorry…Rae (I was furious while typing that came out wrong)


    and bring Dana back you dummies!

  6. Jay Avatar

    Btw, when is she releasing her official US tour dates?

  7. vanson Avatar

    OMG..I cant wait for her to touch down in NYC

  8. Sir Andre Avatar
    Sir Andre

    Bey is what it is! But they need to get some tape for that right shoe. She came out of it twice, lol.

  9. Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like Avatar
    Rae Holliday of Stuff Fly People Like

    LOL, she did come out of that show with “shit” on her lips! Ha! get em Bey!

  10. TomoAgemocam Avatar

    Автор выйди к напроду, вопросы есть!

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