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Are you in NYC? Are you a  Choreographer, Artists/Musician, Designer and/or Filmmaker Looking for a place to Network? You need to join the FLY Guys @ Sirens After Dark…

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Sirens After Dark is a bi-monthly entertainment showcase/after party created by artistic director/choreographer Rhapsody James for all to attend. Hosted by your very own Siren Assassins, we celebrate Dance, Music, Fashion and Film. In true Siren Assassins style SAD uses a cabaret setting to create a wonderful night of drinks, networking and entertainment. Sirens After Dark is designed for Choreographers, Artists/Musicians, Designers and Filmmakers to showcase their artistic talents freely. Thematically driven by the production Siren Assassins, the night will be filled with a sexy yet edgy vibe that is entertaining for all. Bring a cold towel and an alibi because this event is going to be dangerously hot!!

Choreographers Include:

Rhapsody The Company

Luam presents The Collective


Shyrelle K

The Odd Couple


Steven Williams

Torey Nelson

Ian Clay

Keiana Grate

Victor Sho

Melody Mills

Musical Artists include:

Sesa Konsa



Ninja Music

Lashawnda Jackson

Tina Brown



-Stay FLY!

We’ll see you there!

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