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The Fly Guys had a Ball @ the Launch Party for! Here we are with Stylist Extraordinaire Becca Alexis!  Clearly one of the best parties I’ve been in a minute. Very Industry, but not snobbish, a very Open Bar-net worky-vibe. The Building was Packed and the Music was on point. Good Times…

Props to Polite In for the dope pics…

Shouts to  fellow bloggers Lexie (r)BlogxillaLow Key,Noemad, The Fly Girl,Gangstarr Girl (m), and the All That’s Fab crew!

Blogger Love after the jump…

Gangstarr Girl and Justin Holmes


The Homie, Noemad 

The Homie, Blogxilla

Mr. 106th and Park himself, was in the building.

The Homie, Low Key on deck!

Aura of All That’s Fab was also in the building!

Homie pushed the envelope, had to give him a shout for his courage. It was freezing on Wednesday and he tried it….



-Stay FLY!

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