Dear Keri,

We know you love us here @ SFPL, and for that reason only we forgive you for the melee outside of your album Release Party Tuesday Night. Who we don’t forgive are the BONE HEAD-NINCUMPOOPS who Organized the list. Whoever had the bright idea to automatically confirm both press and party goers and not provide a list, is a Complete IDIOT!  Whoever dropped the Ball is a numskull! Hundreds of people were turned away including a Group of influential Bloggers and Media, Ourselves Included!

No Bueno.

After being out in the cold a little too long the opportunity presented itself for us to get in, And we chucked them the deuces. 

Check out LowKey,Blogxilla, The Fly Guys, Simone, KevClarkCChery, and LexAve vent our frustrations…

Seriously, Artist you may not be aware that Bloggers are the wave of the future.

We Are.

Print Media is on a decline. Do your research.

Handle Your Business.

Get that team together.


Cause I will put your ENTIRE Team on BLAST, EARLY!


Lexie took one for the team and covered anyway, peep the story here…

-Stay FLY!





4 responses to “DEAR KERI,”

  1. vanson Avatar

    awhhh man that was some crazy shit….her team def needs to be put on blast…I still like her tho and I still copped the album…hope it does well

  2. Martine Avatar

    Thanks for this post. It was horrible out there. How the EF do u just confirm anyone and everyone.

  3. Cj Avatar

    The video is interesting. Their [commentators on vid] arrogance is mildly amusing yet terribly irritating . Her people fucked up but shit happens sometimes.

  4. Jessica Avatar

    She must have the same people planning her events as Sheree.

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