Ohhh Amy,

Although she flew over the cookoos nest, Her First two albums were dare I say CLASSIC!

Will there be another? Or will she Lauryn Hill us?



Doesn’t Beyonce’s Beautiful Vogue Cover just make you anticipate a Rihanna Vogue Cover?


Does anybody get it?

They denied a relationship only to call the paps to take this pic?

I mean, really?


Will Teairra Mari ever Get off the ground?



And, I still don’t know where Amber Rose came from?


-Stay FLY!





10 responses to “5 RANDOM THOUGHTS…”

  1. the other Jay Avatar
    the other Jay

    OMG….that 1st pic is Hilarious!!!!!!! and sad at the same time. Wouldn’t it be dope if Amy & Lauren Hill made a comeback record together….Fly Guys make that happen!!!

  2. HIGH SNOB Avatar

    Christina Milian is officially a hoe and will never be successful. I wonder what Dre is thinking about that.

    Amy will make another record.

    Even on her worst day Rhianna smokes everyone. She’s just super fly.

    For some reason I really like Amber (besides the fact that she’s hot as hell and sexy as shit.) I like the way she has been playing her position. I don’t have any opinion on where that relationship might go but I don’t think she’ll ever dog that dude Ye out.

  3. mzsuzuki Avatar

    In regards to Amy…some of our best musicians, mathematicians, artists, etc. can’t cope with “normal” life as we see it…I don’t know if she will ever make a comeback…She can always do smoky lounges….

  4. Paigee Avatar

    Rhianna has on the Chrisitian Louboutin Trash Heels on in those pics. That Lucky hussy.

  5. zociactsausa Avatar

    Ты как обычно радуешь нас своими лучшими фразами спасибо, беру!

  6. dunk Avatar

    Teairra Mari always looks too put together and in the worst way. in that pic she looks like an extra from Hairspray. bless her heart. Im on the fence about Amber, love the swag but at times i see a bald headed boy and i get really curious as to what Kanye is seeing. the dream and christina’s situation seems a lil too ” look at me!!!!” so that’s what u get when u let the beehive down Amy??? “Rastafari!” rihanna’s new hair? “hated it”.lol.

  7. ouchbeat Avatar

    lol @ amy.

  8. Sha Avatar

    Well, I’m just glad not ALL of Christina Milan’s hair is not that bleach blond anymore!

    And LOL at The Dream’s shorts!!!
    Only Boxers should be that far above the knee!

  9. jeremyscottfan Avatar

    amber scott used to be a skripper in philly. real talk.

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