Kim Kardahisn will split the 7th Anniversarry Issue of Complex Mag’s cover with Kanye West. We posted Kanye’s Cover yesterday.

According to the Complex Blog 

For the issue’s other cover, we knew we had to get a woman who could go toe-to-toe with ’Ye’s larger-than-life celebrity. Who else but our girl Kim?

Can Kim really go toe-to-toe with Ye’s Celebrity?

I think Kim has done a great job of rising above the after affects of the Sex Tape that made her famous. However, I’m still a bit confused as to what she does? I mean she has some Fly Moments-but-ummmmm yeah.

Comparing her celebrity to that of Yeezy’s?



footage of the shoot after the jump…


-Stay FLY!


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  1. Waddup FL¡ society… kim luuks guud on the cover of complex but ummm the shiny plastic plerethia leather pants are a no go. Ok as far as her celebrity I don’t think u can compare hers to kanyes bcuz they are on different platforms of celebrity. I mean who dosent know her and she does create a buzz but not on a toe-2-toe level… I believe she’s tht socialite tht has no set job or career but she gets maDD $ tho.. chuch

  2. AAAaaaaa, OMG, coulda hadda a V8, why do they let her speak like she couldn’t come up with something a little more profound when asked how she’s saving the world or living green?!? Please don’t let her speak, let her just look hot, she’s good at that. What a ditz!

  3. agreed. she is a fly on the wall compared to ‘ye.

    but the recent episode on the kardashians show where they confront kim over her shopping addiction is priceless. i know we all have those moments.

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