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Let me first say that I am not a huge fan of Jim Jones. When I hear his name I think of random acts of ignorance, I see clips of his Hood Outburst at Night Clubs all over NYC-and I’m like-ehhhh. Definitely not a dude I would be watching out for.

I will admit I don’t know much about him personally, or much of his Story and that Ballin’ was quite infectious and came completely out of left field. I had heard him on a few joints prior and never though he had what it takes to ever have such a mainstream hit. He did. When we were invited to the advance screening of his new documentary chronicling his life from the Dip Set days to the present, I thought-this will be interesting…

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What I wasn’t prepared for was Jim actually being a human being. I mean, seriously-he’s always shown as an angry, swearing Lunatic. Period. Ten minutes into the documentary it all made sense. Born into a situation, where his Mom’s was a hustler and his dad was almost non existent-he became an orphan of his own family so to speak at an early age. As not to give the documentary away it touched on his childhood which pours over into his adulthood. There is a method to the madness. His Character both the good and the bad have been shaped by the Story that lies in his eyes. This documentary also showed his work ethic that is almost always over shadowed by the dominance of his ignorant outburst-which we have all witnessed via YouTube or other media outlets. He works hard. 

What I really wasn’t ready for was the softer side of Jim. Any conversation about Jim and Cam-sobers Jim up. Real Talk, you get a sense of how painful the break up of these two really is. It’s kinda crazy to see Jim get a little emotional. The relationship between him and Dame Dash also shows a loyalty that you may not get right off the back. What’s even more crazy is that I can say as a result of this Documentary…

I rocks with Jim.

I kinda understand him a bit more.

I’d say check it out Fly Ones, take my word for it.

The Album hits 3/24, I’ll let you know when the documentary hits…


-Stay FLy!

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