Glow in the Dark Air Yeezy’s…

I still can’t deal with possibly paying over $300 for a pair of non-luxury sneakers…

I mean, really.

(*sighs* because I know I’ll have at least one of them…lol)

Introducing, the Nike Foamposite KryptoNate

Info and a clip of the release after the jump…

During one of the greatest battles in history the 5′ 10″ Nate Robinson leaped over the 6′ 11″ reigning superhero champion to take home his second dunk contest crown.

To bring down the giant, Nate rocked the Nike Foamposite Lite KryptoNate edition in the alien green color of the galactic stone that nearly destroyed a comic book giant.

Join Nate Robinson at the House of Hoops St. Patrick’s Day as he unveils his legendary sneaker. Then get your own piece of basketball history when the Foamposite Lite KryptoNates hit the shelves in a very limited release.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

4:00 – 5:30 PM ET

House of Hoops by Foot Locker

New York

268 West 125th Street

NY, NY 10027

(212) 316-1667

Here’s a clip from the release featuring Nate and Christian of Harlem Heights/ Dime Magazine…

Full Story Here…


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