So, promo pics showed up of Tea-Tea recently….*blank stare*

Can’t get madd at her for trying.

I just don’t see a career path for this chick right now. SMH.

I’m just sayin’…

-Stay Fly.

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  1. Well… it was either this or more pics of her in head to toe LV Stephen Sprouse. I’ll take the Yaki #12 paired with the Forever 21 couture pieces (from the “Toujours” line, I guess) over her recent tragic label overload fashion choices any day.

  2. You know as easy as it is to clown her ( and she’s making it real easy). I must say I admire the girls tenacity! I mean she’s gonna be seen, no matter what! Even if its the opening of a local Dollar Tree, or random promo pics, for an untitled unmarketed album -g’head Teirra (sp?)-bless ur brave lil heart 🙂

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