Beyonce was photographed in a upcoming edition of Vogue Italia!

This is probably her best work to date. Love the throwback look. Very sexy and very very classy.

Check out more after the jump….

Loves it!

-Stay Fly!


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  1. Rae…..dare I type it….dare me….dare me….go ahead do it! It’s to her tho and you know it….

  2. I guess I’m the outcast on this one…. I’m not feeling it. She is obviously a gorgeous woman but I’m always left with the feeling that her team is trying way too hard… all the time. Its like her glam squad goes into “overachieve” mode cuz they’re working for “the hottest chick in the game” when all the girl really needs is a little bit of fly simplicity.

    The harsh lighting in the first pic, the blonde wig, and the B&W photography left me with the feeling that these Euro fashion mags still can’t bring themselves to feature black girls on their pages without whitewashing them — last year’s “Black Girl Issue” does not make everything O.K.

  3. CHEERS FOR THE LACEFRONT! That piece is WORKIN OVERTIME! C’est magnifique! (although…call me a lil goth…for a true dramatic look, if that hair was PITCH BLACK…wow! We haven’t seen B without a shade of honey in a LONG time).

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