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Nick Cannon was spotted by the paps leaving Barneys New York recently. We have to admit, the boy looks sharp! He Did That!

This is probably the best we have seen Nick in a very long time. Normally, he rocks baggy suits, which is not FLY at all. This time, he went with a more slim-tailored suit, paired it with a nice black shoe, tie and pocket square.

The only advice I would give Nick about this look is next time, dumb the pocket-square down just a little. It should not look like a flower growing out of your pocket. Also, go with another color besides a plain white pocket square. Opting with another color would make the entire look stand out a bit. And last, show the cuff links bruh! You gotta give a little cuff love! Trust me.

Kudos Nick! Keep it up!

Now, Nick we just had a convo about the pocket squares…

Don’t do this again…SMH. Just overkill….

-Stay Fly!

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