The Celebs came out to celebrate the Dream’a Alubum Release Wednesday Night @ Hiro in NYC.

Christina Milian and her Blonde Lockes were there.

dream album release 120309

Electric Red was on deck. I have really grown to digg these girls.


The Dream, was in the building of course-with his signature leather fitted.

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dream album release 120309

The Scarf is a bit too much, bruh. Other than that-its the Dream *what are you gonna do*

dream album release 120309

The Ladies of Harlem Heights were there. I am clueless as to what those boots Briana is rockin are all about-with that outfit *confused face*

The ladies look good, none the less.


Jason and Christian were there too.


Fab was on deck in those Gucci Inspired Nikes we posted a while back, we digg.


-Stay FLY!

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