I read somewhere that Lady Gaga was a certified Pop Star.

For Real?

This woman has been here 15 minutes, I think Pop Star is a bit much.

Not to mention I just don’t get what’s happening.

This was the best performance I’ve seen from her. I still don’t get it tho…

Am I alone?

-Stay FLY!

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  1. haha…i was watching the view (dont judge) and was thinking the same thing. i had to mute it because they were hyping her up so much.

  2. I’d go so far as to say a budding pop star. I took her almost a year, but Billboard chart positions and record sales don’t lie. She writes all her own music and shes championing a style thats truly original. She really truly is different. Plus, RedOne is an amazing producer. I dunno, I like her. The album is hot.

  3. yeah you’re on your own, she’s the new madonna. this chick has got it. i’d go so far as to say that she’s the most original WG in the pop music game right now. she’s got that cool that britney and christina will never possess because i think they are just not very cool people in general (they’ve been in the business too long, no longer have a real connect with real people.) this gaga chick has found success the old school way….no mickey mouse club or american idol….rockin and bombing at clubs/dives in NYC until she created a sound/look of her own. love her!

  4. I wouldn’t say that she is the next Madonna. She has allot to prove if that’s the case. However, I digg her and the style that she possess. She is definitely one of a kind. I still need to see more though…
    And her album….not good at all.
    Congrats to the guys for that performance. Choreography was dope and they really had allot of energy. They basically made the performance what it was. And it was great.

    -Stay Fly!

  5. i can’t front — love this song….i def be on my hair-swingin, raving, jumping-around-in-the-club white girl flow when i hear it LOL

  6. mmmmm Honestly I see her as biting Janelle Monae’s style hard body, and getting away with it. The song is catchy, her vocals are decent, but she just started with this odd jumpoff, she was so inbetween when she first start now she’s all alien from outerspace. She aiight…

  7. Im not a fan. As far as being “original” that depends on who you ask. I do agree that she is “cooler” than Brittany, and Xtina, but shes a bit costumey for mainstream. Sooner or later shes gonna have to tone it down, Madonna was out there but she was multi-dimensional, Lady Gaga just looks like the club scene to me, her ,music is cool, I guess.

  8. im diggin her. i saw somewhere that she designs her outfits which is dope. And im not gunna lie…i listen to pokerface way too much..lol..plus she has a real sultry tone to her voice..not like britney.

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