It’s Tuesday…

Since we are in the mood to kill all these trends that have out weighted there welcome.

This week’s Fly Fashion Question is;

Which Trend needs to go right now…

The Spandex craze or…

The Bi-focal Madness.

I personally can’t stand either-if I had to choose though-it would definitely be the Spandex Craze!

I want it gone!

I want them to return to there rightful place in fashion underneath your skirts/dresses and on Mountain Bikes…



What’s your choice?

-Stay FLY!






  1. $incere Avatar

    Scarves/Shawls, Bifocals, and any trend Kanye,Pharrell, and Jay starts.

  2. vanson Avatar

    Skinny jeans on guys…oh and skate boards…

  3. Bryan Avatar

    Anything that’s not you and is driven by a current trend.

    Following trends which causes theses company’s to only have to make one product but EVERY company makes it (varsity jackets anyone?)

    Allowing company’s to use the word “retro” to sell you some stuff that was designed 15 years ago but they decided to “re release” it for more (jordans anyone?)

    The 80’s phenomenon. If you where BORN in the 80’s and are doing the 80’s thing well been there done that, we look back on pictures and laugh at how foolish we looked…now you will to.

    Rocking a product because you saw it on someones blog (ask my about my y-3’s…NEVER AGAIN!)

    Giving props to a clothing label because you know the people, not because they actually make good stuff.

    Being FRESH TO DEATH and living at home (this seems to be a current trend)

    The bi-focals

    I second the skinny Jean notion (think back when you use to look at the white kids with the side eye when they had them on)

    Allowing Kanye to think he can wear anything he wants and it’s hot just because he’s Kanye

    Not allowing Bryan Maltier to be GREAT!!

    That is all

  4. OrangeStar616 Avatar

    ^5 @ Bryon yeah my dude..LOL

  5. marty mcfly Avatar

    The spandex, skinny jeans, grimey ass fro hawks and fro mullets too…..its a wrap on bifocals though….my black frames are required…im not just wearing them just they wont be goin anywhere anytime soon….

  6. marty mcfly Avatar

    do away with those damn scarves/bandannas too!

  7. NatetheGreat Avatar

    First off, Props to whoever redesigned SFPL, its a clean look.

    and Secondly, i feel both should go back to the fashion graveyard for another old trend to come back. ha

    what should the fly people bring back?

  8. Medulla_Oblongata Avatar

    Keifyahs, leggings, 80s, gladiator sandals, any variation of the word swag, monogrammed stuff

  9. Joe Avatar

    i’m still upset that i see tons of people still rockin uggs…please move on!

  10. Sha Avatar

    One thing that has always been a peeve of mine is logo/ label centric clothing (which is still around and I wish it would go away)!!!

    Thats why I couldn’t (and still can’t) get with the Dooney & Brooke bags, or almost anything LV…I don’t want to walk around looking like an advertisement!

    And if you’re really THAT cool, and your style is THAT fresh…you shouldn’t feel the need to throw labels in ppl’s faces!

  11. A* Avatar

    Cats who rock non-prescription glasses is wack!
    I find it offensive! as I need a prescription and have no choice.
    Lazer is out of the ?.

  12. Misty Knight Avatar
    Misty Knight

    I always hated when people wore glasses that didnt need perscriptive lenses. And I especially hated the frames without lenses. I just wanna poke folk in the eye who wear them. But I cosign with the peace scarves, shutter glasses, but most of all DEATH TO ALL THINGS BEDAZZELED AND ED HARDY!!!!! and LV silk scarves, especially on men!
    Men I dont want to see you in sequined clothing! nor silken violet scarves, or rhinestoned accessories! just stop it!

  13. SupaStarry Avatar

    i dont like the spandex alone…under a skirt/dress is okay tho (even tho yall always get on her, Megan G is the only one i like it on alone lol) and the glasses have 2 go. i think theyre cute on certain ppl but it jus got crazy…everybodys wearin them. they even sell em at the 99 cent store now lol they wanna make that dolla too lol

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