Fly Society,

Your participation in this post is mandatory and necessary. All our regular participants I await your verdict-I am requesting many of you silent fly people to come out from the shadows and chime in. 

I personally am done with the Taliban, Arab, Palestine whatever you want to call it-this scarf is done… It’s Over Now.


It came in and we were all tied up. It had it’s run. It was a good one. Wearing one now just makes you look late and out dated. Throwing one on with your Fly Outfit Now just dumbs down your Fresh.

Makes you look like a tourist, like your trying to be cool. Need I say dweebish. It’s just been OVER done. When I walk into a Dance Class and EVERYONE has one on- White/Black/Asian/Indian and small children…

*Exits Right*

I KNOW I’m not alone.

Your Verdict?



-Stay FLY!

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