Fly Society,

Your participation in this post is mandatory and necessary. All our regular participants I await your verdict-I am requesting many of you silent fly people to come out from the shadows and chime in. 

I personally am done with the Taliban, Arab, Palestine whatever you want to call it-this scarf is done… It’s Over Now.


It came in and we were all tied up. It had it’s run. It was a good one. Wearing one now just makes you look late and out dated. Throwing one on with your Fly Outfit Now just dumbs down your Fresh.


Makes you look like a tourist, like your trying to be cool. Need I say dweebish. It’s just been OVER done. When I walk into a Dance Class and EVERYONE has one on- White/Black/Asian/Indian and small children…

*Exits Right*

I KNOW I’m not alone.

Your Verdict?



-Stay FLY!





26 responses to “THE FLY DISCUSSION….”

  1. Slim Avatar

    My nephew asked me for an ‘Arab scraf’ last week…
    I looked & him & told him that if I saw him w/one…I’d immediately disown him…
    That shit died like 2 years ago (in my opinion)

  2. Friday Avatar

    I’m finished with these scarves too. They always looked kinds lame to me, but I know alot if folk liked them, so I kept my OP to myself. But now that we can speak candidly about them. They’re OVER people. Let them go and move on to the next fad provided to you by Hip Hop magazines and rappers that claim to be the best thing since Fried Chicken!!!!!! Don’t think for difference, think for yourself!!! – Frideezy

  3. vanson Avatar

    I totally agree….the funny thing is they are makin all different colors now…Next trend please!!

  4. Sadé Avatar

    LMAO! Agreed…even when they were poppin i reluctantly bought one and wore it like twice and then it retired somewhere on the side of my bed

    I’m beyond tired of seeing people where them….

  5. Sadé Avatar


  6. Fa Avatar

    The scarves must die now and forever and need to stop being worn by people with no clue that they represent solidarity with the resistance in Palestine, where this scarf is not a fashion choice but a symbol of struggle against oppression. It’s a shame that people started wearing them for all the wrong reasons and now they’re played out and devoid of real meaning.

  7. j luv Avatar
    j luv

    So extremely tight skinny jeans on men are out also. I’m saying they came together I hope their leaving together too. Your pants can not be as tight as mine I’m sorry.

  8. Patty Avatar

    Haha I was waiting for this subject to pop up! People the scarfs are over!!!! The fad is over lets move on please. When my grandmother is wearing it…it’s offically dead lol.

  9. fatblkboy Avatar

    i knew they were done when rachel ray wore hers in the dunkin donuts commercial *lol*

  10. Steven A. Claiborne Avatar
    Steven A. Claiborne

    Agree with “Fa” is you understand the true meaning and support the effort…keep rocking them. Some things transcend fashion.

  11. I'm Just Saying... Avatar
    I’m Just Saying…

    If you are wearing the scarf for a political purpose (a form of protest) then continue wearing it.

    If you are wearing it for stylistic purposes then take the Go*damn thing off. You don’t look cool, you missed the train.

    However, I do like scarves in different prints, colors, etc. which are tied creatively. I have a couple (which I don’t wear often).

  12. $incere Avatar

    First of all, I really like how Rae reminded me that the site was back in effect. BBM agrees with me.

    As for the scarves, this trend was started by skateboarders/punk/village kids, and since Pharrell and Lupe incorporated the skateboard look, it went off. Of course, Dipset thinking they started the skull and bones/scarves look, they had to rock the shawls. Lil Wayne followed, and this tasteless trend is history.

    Now personally, I’ll give you a pass in the winter time, but when I see you in a hot ass club, or outside in the summer time with a scarve on, you deserve a smack in the face.

    Shout out to Ouigi and Bev and all of the heads at BKC, but I’m not rocking the scarves/pocket squares with a ring on it. Sometimes it’s a successful look and sometimes it’s not. Got it? Good.

  13. $incere Avatar

    Oh yo Slim, what’s good with the BKC styles wars homie? The girls got it in already, but it’s the main event.

  14. Deez Avatar

    I hated the taliban scarf from the very beginning. They look tacky- maybe it’s cause I hate having things that everyone else has.
    When it came out in London- everyone had one- in as many colors as they could get- like wtf it’s like they were collecting pokemon cards or something????

    And um, don’t these scarves belong in countries like Turkey/Kurdistan/Saudi Arabia/Somalia etc etc? People didn’t even know the meaning behind them before they wore em’.

  15. marty mcfly Avatar

    Im glad someone made it official!!!

  16. SupaStarry Avatar

    all i can say is…THANK U!!!! i made a post about this in Jan and i still see a bunch of people wearing them…it died. i see lil kids wearing them, people’s momma’s, dogs….its truly over. and i can admit that i NEVER wore one because everywhere i looked i saw one…i dont like the “clone” look.

  17. Slim Avatar

    @ $incere…U need 2 speak 2 Bev about that holmes…

  18. ENDEsq Avatar

    They are super over. It’s a done datta, people. And, for the ladies, please don’t let me see you in a pink, purple, turquoise version…ugh!!! I’m so mad at seeing women in feminine versions of this I don’t know what to do. The only people who will get a pass are members of the PLO. In other words, if you don’t at least know who Yasir Arafat is, I’m gonna need you to let it go.

  19. mattcrazy Avatar

    my thing is that i like the scarf but when everybody and they grandmoms is wearin one it mess everything up ,it becomes a trendy thing and i hate trends, but the crazy thing is people be wearin them in 90 degree weather lookin hot n not n a good way. so if u like um rock em if u dont keep on personalizing ur look n keep it funky

  20. 25th Flo Avatar
    25th Flo

    For a minute, I thought the scarves were hot and I was thinking about getting one. However I soonafter saw pics of Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri rockin’ ’em and thought “Oh, this is going to be ‘a thing’, I guess” and decided it would be best to sit this one out.

    I simply could not bring myself to rock one without feeling like a total douchebag trend-follower…. but that’s just me.

  21. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    I agree this look is DONE…

  22. shaun Avatar


  23. Najee D. Avatar
    Najee D.

    They’re as done now as they’ve always been (for those doing it for style & coolness). I can’t see how anyone could have rocked them without feeling like a square.

  24. dc fly chick Avatar
    dc fly chick

    *taps the mike, clears throat*

    “I’VE BEEN SAYIN THIS FOR MONTHS NOW!!! i thought we voted for change yall?.”

    *drops mike, exits stage left.

  25. EGO Avatar

    lol @ dc fly chick…i h8-ed those F-ing scarves…and im tired of seeing every dancer wearing them it’s like a bad cult…i need u 2 stop this insanity!!!

  26. T Avatar

    forget yall …them shits aint out where im at …aint nobody got em yet . and i do wear em to represent the resistence of oppresion in palestine .. so FUCK yall

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