Mr. West and Ms. Rose are still on high Fashion Mode in Paris.

I know Lady Gaga is somewhere upset with a serious Poker Face on…

I’m just sayin…

pfw givenchy outside 090309

That outfit screams Just Dance

I digg that Varsity Mr. West.

-Stay FLY!

7 thoughts on “KANYAMBER STILL AT IT…

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  1. Dig them so much; however, she could NEVER, EVER, EVERRRR give The Queen Victoria Beckham, a run for anything. That lady is the epitome of FLY.

  2. ok, where to begin?? First off, ms. amber can NOT carry these kinds of looks off well at ALL. She doesn’t have the right shape for that dress, she’s too stacked for it. She looks like she needs a push-up bra in the first pic and sumthin about her kneecap region just looks off to me..idk,lol

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