Recent Mase Interview In The U.K….

Fly Ones, I wanna know your take on Mase and his take on giving your life back to Christ.

Now, I am all for change. But do you think his change was for the Good or for Attention?

I need your comments on this please!

We gotta hear what you guys think. You know where to meet us….

-Stay Fly!

More footage after the jump….




3 responses to “Recent Mase Interview In The U.K….”

  1. FabGlance Avatar

    I’ve been to Mase’s church several times and he is the truth. It’s just a fine line to be as famous as he was then remain public AND be about GOD. I would never say he did it for publicity.

  2. Deez Avatar

    I “love” Mase- I don’t think he did it for publicity; down here in London this channel ain’t a really known channel.

  3. Hero Avatar

    To be honest, I wanna know what kind of question is that. After hearing this man speak how can you attempt to doubt his love for the Lord or even try to put the question in someone elses mind that Mase might have alternative motives. This is truly a man of God and there is no doubt about it.

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