When I heard someone other than O was going to be on the cover of O Mag I was like about time. When I heard it was the First Lady- I said to myself that’s BIG! *cue Dream Big Jazmine Sullivan*

But DAMN YOU Oprah for being right there next to her! *Hmph* Oprah said this is still My show first Lady!

And Damn You First Lady for Rockin a Plastic belt so Fashionably. Really? So Classy-how’d you do that?

You just can’t buy it people -that’s class.


Michelle looks So Fly!

-Stay FLY!





7 responses to “FINALLY SOME GOOD NEWS!”

  1. winta Avatar

    yess michelle looks FAB I LOVE IT!!!

  2. nya Avatar

    yea wow she makes a plastic belt look expensive

  3. Marcella Avatar

    Michelle is definitely a FLY GURL!! I love that outfit especially that clear belt!!

  4. Steven A. Claiborne Avatar
    Steven A. Claiborne

    You know Oprah defended putting herself on every cover of O a few years ago in an Essence article. She said, and I quote, if you can show me someone else to put on the cover who will sell more magazines than I can…then I am all ears. Period. LOL She shut that DOWN! LOL. I do LOVE this cover though.

  5. Gloria Avatar

    I wouldn’t know the magazine was REALLY her’s unless she was on the cover. She’s done it for so long. that i would not like it if she didn’t. Hell yeah its still her show. Even if the First Lady is next to her. LOL

    First Lady Obama looks beautiful. I’d look cheap rocking a plastic belt. But she pulls it off VERY well.

  6. Sean Fitz Avatar
    Sean Fitz

    First Lady Obama looks stunning… And yes that plastic belt works on her… … … …

    Oh, hey Oprah, didnt see you standing there… … …

    Just jokin… You look great AS USUAL… I hope to be on your cover one day… 😉

  7. vanson Avatar

    I cant wait to cop the mag..they both look GREAT and classy…OMG THAT’S OUR 1ST LADY YA”LL…

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