Many of you are asking why we are not doing more coverage on the Chris Brown Investigation. We don’t really do Gossip @ SFPL-and they’ve really not released enough facts for us to report. There are several stories floating around each one being more alarming then the one before.

It’s all too much.

We do firmly believe that Chris is innocent until it’s proven other wise.

We sincerely hope all parties involved are strong enough to endure this circus. Living your life in the public eye has it’s benefits and it’s setbacks.

The Gift and the Curse.

When the facts float to the top-we will discuss…

-Stay FLY!


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  1. well, i for one am glad you’re not feeding into this mess. i never thought of this as a gossip site. it’s everywhere you turn. newspapers, local news, blogs, gossip sites, search engines…why would it need to be here too? sigh…

  2. I’m sure if I saw her face I’de find it disturbing, but the way he’s hiding his is disturbing too. Why hide, just sit up and take it like a man. Damn CB got some tough times ahead of him.

  3. This is the reason why I like this site, Im just not interested in gossip & feel strange to intrude in other people’s business. Those pictures of Chris are disturbing & it’s sad that everyone feels they know what happenned & are so quick to prosecute him.

  4. We should not judge this young man based on what Rihanna has said. Who says Brown inflicted those injuries? Only Rihanna said that.

    Rihanna’s story about being choked until she was unconscious and when she woke up he was gone is so WACK it sounds ridiculously Stupid…

    Did he beat her in her sleep? I think this young man wanted out and she is crying Wolf to save herself embarassment, no one knows who inflicted those injuries if Brown walked away from the confrontation. He had to walk away because she threw away the keys in the bushes… Why would Rihanna do that if she is scared for her life? Ask yourself some commn sense questions don’t get caught up with the cry of injuries. Women inflict pain on themselves at times to create attention and play the victim.

    Question: If a man is beating you or has hit you, why would you throw away the keys to the car??? Come on with the Truth Already.

    Something about her story sounds manufactured and reaching for Sympathy voted from people who have genuinely been battered…

    Stop Judging Until the FACTS are revealed…

  5. Cinta, I agree with you 100%. Her story just does not add up or make sense, and now I have been sitting wondering why people are quickly condemning the young man so harshly. No one has any clue of what really happened, and I wish Chris Brown would come out of hiding and tell his side of the story. Unfortunately, now it might be a little too late.

    My heart just really goes out to the young man and how he is treated in all of this. There is an obvious bias going around, and it’s such a shame people will believe any and everything these days.

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