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Tommy Gets His Revenge

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

After her brush with death in her apartment, Angela immediately links up with Ghost because she has questions, and so does he. The two both have doubts about each other after having separate conversations. After a meeting with Proctor where his lawyer points out that there’s a female witness who knows James is Ghost. The usually reliable Proctor believes that woman is Angela —despite it actually being Maria Saurez—ad hammers the point home that Ghost needs to protect himself and his family not Angela.

Angela believes Ghost killed Silver and feels she can no longer trust him and doubts their fairytale ending is ever going to happen. She immediately asks James if he did the deed and after a long pause Ghost lies and says he did not kill Silver. The two embrace and hug each other and kiss for what might be the last time. While all this was going on between the forbidden lovers, Tommy secretly shows up after having a conversation with Vincent and learning Ghost gave the photos to the Italian mob boss.

His mission is to take out Ghost once and for all because his dad was the final straw. As Tommy is about to pull the trigger, Angela sees him and moves Ghost out-of-the-way taking a bullet in the chest. In shock. Ghost looks up and sees the smiling Tommy who may have missed his target but taking out Angela is a great consolation prize. We are left with Angela bleeding out and Ghost crying over her. Now it looks like season six we will once again be Ghost vs. Tommy. Is this Angela’s last moment on the show? This is one hell of a cliffhanger to leave us on.

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