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Tasha and Tommy Make Their Own Moves

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

The death of Silver has serious implications almost immediately. Angela’s plan to get Dre to implicate Alicia worked and she invites Tasha over to celebrate. Tasha enters the apartment but leaves the door unlocked, and we quickly learn why. Angela congratulates Tasha for getting Silver to not show up to the hearing, but Tasha states the plan was for him to show up.

Tasha and Angela’s intense confrontation that has been a long-time coming is interrupted by Tommy who makes his way into the apartment and it looks like now is the time to finally kill Angela. The heat is on Angela as she tries to convince her former unlikely team members that she did not tell Ghost about Silver being back in town. Tommy has his own concerns in regards to his father Teresi and how Ghost knew about that. Angela does fess up to telling James and showing him the pictures, but that isn’t enough for Tommy.

It’s when she reveals she took the pictures of the photos of Teresi on Saxe’s desk is when Tasha intervenes and tells Tommy not to kill Angela for now.

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