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LaKeisha Is Tired of Lying For The St. Patricks

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

LaKeisha is just tired of having to lie and deal with all of these people. All she wants is to do hair, take care of her son Cash ( who we never see) and be in a relationship with Tommy. Unfortunately, after a visit with her white gangster boo doesn’t go as planned when he kicks her out in a booger sugar-induced rage and she is greeted by her “bestie” Tasha.

The visit wasn’t to lend moral support or to give her a shoulder to cry on after being screamed on. Instead, Tasha is there to maker sure LaKeisha’s story is straight. Keisha is insulted that Tasha is just ignoring her tears and only thinking about herself. Tasha apologizes, and things seem to be back to normal but the moment quickly becomes contentious again when she asks if Keisha has her story straight. Over it, Keisha gets her Martin Lawrence on and kicks her best friend out of her apartment and tells her not to come back.

With her pride in shambles, Tasha sends a text to Tommy and tells him to get his girlfriend in check. To make matters worse, Keisha is approached by Saxe, and he applies even more pressure to a very tense situation. Saxe reveals to her that Tony Teresi is dead and she immediately understands now why Tommy was behaving the way he was with her.

Tommy invites Keisha back over after receiving the text from Tasha to apologize or possibly kill her if she doesn’t get in line. Keisha quickly reveals she understands why he was behaving the way he was because he had to kill his own father. Shocked that Keisha knew that tidbit of information, he gets her to explain that Saxe ran up on her. Keisha tells the caucasian gangster that Saxe is threatening to throw her in jail and take away her son if she can’t get him to flip on Ghost.

The meeting is interrupted by a knock on the door, it’s none other than Saxe and he’s bearing even more information. Knowing that Tommy is not trying to hear a word he has to say, he immediately plays a tape of the gangster’s late father saying there is nothing on Tommy and he had no intentions of snitching on his son with his primary mission being to get Ghost. The new revelation hits Tommy quickly, he takes the recorder and sends Saxe on his way. Keisha comes out of hiding (Saxe already knew she was there) and he tells her the new information.

Tommy is sick, but Keisha understands why he did it so tells her he has to go and handle some business. Now fully down for the cause, she tells him she will be waiting for him when he gets back.

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