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Dre Has Nine Lives

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / Power

No one has been luckier than Dre this season. He has been shot at nearly every episode, and they just can’t seem to get rid of this guy. Dre is already in deep trouble with his former connect Alicia who wants him dead now after he made a deal with Angela to giving up the head of Jimenez cartel and his No.2 Cristobal. As a reward for becoming a snitch, Angela promised to put him and his daughter in witness protection ensuring the cartel won’t find him.

Well, Angela’s help can’t come soon enough, while taking down his baby mother in the bedroom two hitters sneak into his apartment and try to assassinate him. Somehow they were pretty sloppy, and Dre spots them in the corner of his eye and is able to avoid the bullets. With the help of his baby momma, Dre manages to kill both of the Jimenez hitmen— dodging death once again.

Rattled after the attempt on his life he instructs his lackey 2-Bit to bring him a bulletproof vest and round up some quick cash for him. Dre tells 2-Bit about his whole plan to pin all of the hits on Alicia, but he plans on “telling the truth” and tell the feds that it was Ghost and Tommy clearing his name. 2-Bit is clearly annoyed at the fact that Dre is even snitching in the first place but does not express his frustrations. Instead in typical Power fashion, 2-Bit goes behind Dre’s back to Tommy and tells him about the entire plan.

With the new information, Tommy calls Angela and tells her he plans on taking out Dre once and for all but Angela reveals she has a plan in place for Dre. We quickly learn what exactly that plan is when Tommy, 2-Bit, Spanky, and others ambush Dre while he’s trying to meet up with Angela. We witness another intense shootout which leads to Dre taking a bullet to the leg.

Wounded and running out of places to hide, Dre takes a leap of faith through a window. A van rolls up, and to our surprise, it’s Angela’s one night stand F.B.I. bae waiting inside with a form for Dre to sign implicating Alicia. With no other options, Dre signs the paper, and the van pulls off. This was all part of the plan, Tommy gets his organization back, a bunch of new recruits and gets Dre out of the picture for now.

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