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Time Is Running Out For Angela

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz /Power

Angela is now on the clock and has a very important decision to make. The RICO case they dropped names her as an accomplice to the murder of A.U.S.A. Mike Sandoval. With her lawyer Charles Hamilton (Gary Dourdan) present, Angela’s former colleagues and boss drop some harsh accusations on her, Ghost, Tommy, and Tasha. Angela feels the pressure but doesn’t fold, she knows they can’t prove anything yet and asks for 24 hours to make a decision.

Power, Season 5, Episode 10 When This Is Over

Source: Starz / power

Snitching, of course, is the last thing she wants to do because she does not want to put the man she loves behind bars. Quickly thinking she reaches out to everyone to set up a meeting and fill them in on the recent developments. The unlucky team meets at their high school where Angela breaks down piece by piece the Rico case against them. Taking the lead, she assigns each person a target that she knows her former team will try to squeeze information out of hoping to get them to flip. Angela instructs Ghost to handle Proctor, Tasha to talk to LaKeisha and she will take care of Dre cause she has a plan.

Unfortunately what she doesn’t know is that Terry Silver is back in town and he is working with feds in hopes of making a deal to save Tasha. Them there’s backstabbing; during the meeting, Tommy makes it clear that Angela has to hand Tasha a note stating they need to kill her now. Tasha tells him to chill, and that now is not the time, but she does agree Valdez has to go.

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