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The Feds Are Coming

Power S5 - 506 "A Changed Man"

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Ghost, Tommy, Tasha, and Angela may not know it yet but the Feds are hot on their tails and with the help of Blanca Rodriguez, they are now closer than ever before. Mak and Saxe are exhausting all avenues they need to bring down Ghost and their new boss Angela. Mak knows that if he wants Ghost, his best bet would be through Proctor. He already tried applying pressure to Ghost’s all-star lawyer so his next best move would be his recovering addict ex-wife Lindsay.

Mak knows that her having custody of her daughter again is all she wants and uses that as a way to get information out of her. She reveals to the eager prosecutor the location of Proctor while he is meeting with someone on the criminal side of his family whom he says he no longer associates with directly.  Mak pops up on them and reveals to the disbarred lawyer that he will be backing his ex’s custody case. He warns Proctor that he has 48 hours to talk or he will get a warrant and come for him for lying about dealing with the criminal element of his family.

That leaves Proctor in a severe bind, but he doesn’t want to rat on his clients cause he knows that could mean his death. So Proctor decides to hit up Ghost to secure some coke in hopes he could get his ex-wife to relapse, but that fails miserably when she throws the baggie she finds in the envelope with the alimony check.

That leaves Tasha, and she is currently waiting to get grilled about the missing gun. She has been thoroughly prepped by Angela but is blindsided to see that Blanca will be the one to carry out the interrogation. Blanca comes out swinging, but Tasha is a G and doesn’t fold. Things do get shaky when Blanca presents the scenario of Angela being the one who pointed out the bullet in the first place and possibly linking up with her ex-husband to have her take the fall for Ray Ray’s murder. Tasha seems like she is considering it but stands by her claims that Ghost did not kill Ray Ray and that her new lover Terry Silver will back her up. Terry already doesn’t want anything to do with her lying, but we shall see if she can convince him otherwise.

The feds struck out with Tasha and Tameika feels it is time to wrap up the investigation because it’s not leading anywhere. Mak walks into the office with a business envelope containing some new information highlight some shady dealings with Councilman Tate. Saxe takes the folder and discovers that bullet matches Tasha’s missing gun revealing that Angela buried the evidence. Finally, the break in the case they have been desperately searching for has arrived. They better hope Silver comes through for Tasha because if he doesn’t they are all going to jail.

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