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Ghost Starts The I Am Changed Man Tour

Power S5 - 506 "A Changed Man"

Source: Starz / Starz

The episode picks right up where last week’s left off with the former couple reunited inside Angela’s apartment. Ghost is fresh off his drunken stupor, and he no longer wants to lie anymore so comes clean to Angela. He reveals to his ex-girlfriend every reason he told her to clarify why he ended their relationship was a lie. He admits that he left Angela because Milan threatened to kill her so he figured breaking up with her would keep her safe. Angela was taken aback by the revelation and decides she needs to sleep on it. She tells Ghost he can stay the night, but he’s not getting any action and has to sleep on the couch.

After a sleepless night for the both of them, Angela feels the opportunity is a good time for her to come clean to Ghost about her moves recently. Right before she is about to share her truths with him, she is interrupted by a knock on the door. Ghost implores Angela to ignore it but can’t because the person knocking is none other than Tasha. Ghost’s ex-wife is immediately shocked to see Ghost there as he is surprised to see her paying a visit to the woman he cheated on her with and she hates. The reason for Tasha’s impromptu visit is because of Detective Leary’s unexpected visit looking for the gun which means they are getting close to discovering who killed Raina.

Ghost is utterly shocked that Angela knows all of the details and can’t understand why Tasha didn’t tell him that both her and Angela have been working together. He goes from a state of surprise to understanding when Tasha reveals she didn’t tell him about her and Angela working together because she didn’t trust him. He agrees to let them handle the situation, Angela knows the feds are looking to bring in Tasha for interrogation, so she begins to prepare her for it.

Another sign of Ghost doing things a bit differently was his decision to opt for a truce between him and Dre. His former protegé scoffs at the notion but Ghost feels the two of them working together would be more beneficial than them warring with each other. Dre finally agrees to the truce, and it comes with a very interesting stipulation. Ghost wants Dre to take out Tommy’s connect —and growing problem Jason— and Dre has a Diego issue that needs solving. The two former enemies (for now) agree to take out each other’s problems. We still can’t help but wonder if they both are playing each other in the end, especially Ghost who always stays one step ahead of his foes.

Tariq Continues Down His Dark Path

Power S5 - 506 "A Changed Man"

Source: Starz / Starz

Fresh off making his dad look like an absolute fool, Tariq is back at school, but he’s back on the path his parents have been trying to keep him away from— a life of crime. His disdain from his father pushed him back in the company of Kanan who is grooming the kid for his sinister purpose. Last week we saw Riq steal some prescription pills from his mom after an intense conversation where she left her son wondering if, in fact, she wished he was dead instead of Raina.

Kanan —who was explicitly warned by Tommy not to hang around his nephew— pays Riq a visit at his new school. He notices the primarily white environment and notes that it’s prime real estate to push pills. Riq puts that nugget in the back of his mind while the two are hanging out. The Training Day scenario takes the duo to one of Kanan’s suppliers, and the visit gets intense, giving Riq a crash course into how to deal with people who try to change the terms on you. Kanan beats the break off the supplier for even trying to alter their arrangement and left him a bloody mess. The two go, and when they arrive at the checkpoint, Riq shows is his usefulness by helping them get out of dodge after someone reported a loud noise coming from the house they just left.

With his taste for the drug life and fast money back, Dre decides to push the pills his white roommate was begging him for. Meanwhile, his poor dad who is trying to make things right after their heated argument is getting ignored by his son every time he calls him.

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