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Previously on Power, “Damage Control” was the key, this week everyone is trying to find out if they are on the same team when it comes to their respective parties. Power’s fifth season is still young, but everyone’s ulterior motives are starting to come to light in the hit Starz show. So let’s unpack episode 3— there is a lot to discuss.

A New Tip Sparks More Questions

The show opens up with Ghost, whom we saw playing vigilante at the end of last week’s episode.  The revenge killing of the drunk driver that murdered a grieving family’s son him and Tasha met during grief counseling is getting to him. It is bothering him so much, in fact, he imagines blood on his hands while he is washing his face but quickly comes to his senses. The penthouse phone rings, and it’s the front desk alerting him that an NYPD Detective is waiting downstairs to see him and Tasha. Ghost tells the front desk to send the detective upstairs.

It’s none other than Detective Leary bearing what he believes is “good news.” Councilman Tate’s bad idea to set up a public tip line was the right move. Leary wants to talk to Tariq because a witness stated they saw Riq running out of the building and his sister following him the night she was killed. This new information throws a big ass monkey wrench in Riq’s statement because he said he went out after her. Riq went nervously trying to clear things up by lying and is saved by his mother, Tasha. Leary takes Riq’s word for it and leaves, Tasha immediately asks her son if he was outside when his sister was killed but Riq doubles down on his lie and insists he was not out there when Raina’s Christmas was canceled.

Ghost heads to “takeout Dre” headquarters aka Tommy’s apartment to link up with his brother in crime and partner for now, Kanan. Fresh off hearing the new information from Leary, Ghost asks Kanan if he knew how Ray Ray was looking for him. Kanan tells Ghost no, and that Riq only said to him that he was looking for Ray Ray. When Ghost asks if Riq hasn’t hit him since Kanan replies saying “I  ain’t supposed to be talking to little n****.”


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