Ty Dolla $ign already has the Summer buzzing with his infectious single, ‘The Light,’ featuring Jeremih. But his reign ain’t letting up anytime soon, as the new king of hooks is featured on F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S’s (That’s how I remember the proper hood spelling lol) new single titled,’Ooh Yea’.

With beginning bars like;

What you want, what you want, bae?
Order like restaurants, bae
What’s a snack to an entrée?
Bought a Ghost just to haunt, bae
Know you ain’t a saint but you can get some Saint Laurent, bae
Know you smoke blunts but you been looking like a joint, bae
And I wanna hit it
Make sure you got it when they couldn’t get it, ooh yea

Fab is pumping the ladies up to stunt on the fellas all Summer 18′.  Fab definitely remains consistent with his unmatched punchlines on this track, followed by a smooth chorus that goes a little something like;

I got money on my mind, ooh yea
I get bag after bag, ooh yea
Saint Laurent, Goyard, ooh yea
Shut the pie, you can charge, ooh yea

Talk to ’em Dolla $ign!

We see what’s happening here, but check it out for yourself and tell us what you think below!

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-Stay Fly!

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