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Mark your calendars, because on June 12 Vivo aims to shock the smartphone world. 

Vivo has been teasing the masses since February with their Apex concept phone that boasted a pop-up front-facing camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and the “world’s best” screen-to-body ratio with its edge to edge display. Looks like the phone is no longer just a concept with Vivo sending out hold-the-date invitations for June 12th for the announcement of the final Apex production model.

The million dollar question? Will all of those innovations make it into the finished product? If it does Vivo will have a phone on the market major phone suppliers like Apple and Samsung only dreamt of giving to their loyal customers. The company gives a small reassurance that customers will get what they were promised and that the final product “continues Vivo’s vision with Apex FullView Concept Smartphone.”

A new AD also gives us a look at what to expect with the final version of the Apex, and it looks very similar to the concept. The only feature not shown in the ad is the in-display fingerprint sensor. Either than that the camera does indeed still pop-up, and that beautiful bezel-less, notch-free and yes edge to edge display are featured in the 1:18 commercial.

Now granted Apple does make a claim for having an all-display phone already with the iPhone X but that notch at the top says otherwise. Vivo could jump out ahead when the Apex hits the market. We are just curious as to how much the phone will cost when they officially announce the phone in Shanghai on June 12th. All signs point to it being a grip. See the concept version of the Apex in action below.

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