Carl Grimes Run On The Walking Dead Comes To An End Twitter Sheds Walker Tears

Source: Gene Page/AMC

We knew it was coming after last season’s mid-season finale of The Walking Dead but no one said we would be ready for what we were about to witness during the mid-season premiere.  The Walking Dead fans had to say goodbye to another OG cast member of the hit AMC show, Carl Grimes and it was a hard pill for Twitter to swallow. 

We were left in shock when we found out that Carl was on his way to walker purgatory after being bitten. We found out immediately exactly how and when Carl suffered the fatal wound. It all happened while Carl was trying to save Saddiq and bring him back to the community. Rick was mortified to learn that he was about to lose his only son and it wasn’t even the fault of The Saviors.

Source: Gene Page/ AMC

The episode wound up being an emotional almost hour and a half goodbye to Carl. While The Saviors are destroying whats left of Alexandria, Rick, Michonne, Daryl and the remaining survivors in the sewers underneath the town with a dying Carl fighting back tears listening to Carl spill his guts to his dad and Michonne. It was a heartfelt goodbye and Twitter couldn’t take it as much as Rick and Michonne.

We literally watched young Carl grow up from being an annoying brat into the strong-willed pudding loving walker destroyer. It took a long time to happen but eventually Carl put a bullet in his own brain via his own gun and was buried by Rick and Michonne.

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Damn, now there was some action in this episode as well. We finally got to see Morgan and Carol team-up and boy did they kick ass together. Morgan went full MORGAN and took out Saviors with his trusty staff alongside Carol in a daring rescue of Carol’s boo King Ezekiel. It was a pretty magnificent action sequence and gave us a glimpse the dynamic duo we didn’t know we deserved on the show.

Back to the matter at hand and that is Carl, it’s so hard to say goodbye but all good things must come to end. We just hope his sacrifice was worth it. We got our eyes on you Saddiq, you got some pretty big shoes to fill. Hit the flip to see more reactions from TWD fans to Carl Grime’s tragic passing.

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

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