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Today, we’re launching an NYC-centric mini-documentary about New York City, inclusiveness, and the “Absolut Truths” about living here – starring 8 New York icons/celebrities, as well as local NYC influencers and consumers.

The Absolut Truth Experience is a mobile confessional booth experience designed to capture the truths and testimonies of bar patrons’ New York City Lives. The booth will be traveling around Manhattan’s coolest bars for consumers to offer their “Absolut Truths” on NYC.

The videos feature:

Also in bars, Absolut is rolling out the bar kits that speak authentically to NYC with coasters and glassware! The glassware is an Absolut replica of the iconic Anthora Greek Coffee Cup – which has become synonymous with NYC.

All of this will be leading up to Absolut bringing back an iconic NYC venue (think Studio54) for a one-night-only event this spring!

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