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Yes, reading is fundamental and no, scrolling through Twitter doesn’t count.

On this episode of Grown Man Sh*t, we’re letting all you guys know that reading is important. How else are you are gonna flex on the ladies at the bar or hold a decent conversation with them if you can’t say some poetic sh*t? But don’t worry, Dustin has you covered, because every book isn’t for everybody.

If the news is your thing, don’t hesitate to pick up a newspaper or subscribe to something like The Wall Street Journal or The New York Times if you have the bread for it.

If current events isn’t your thing, then you should pick up an actual book, because as Dustin says, “You’ll have inside information on the White House or the projects.”

If you’re more of a visual person, picking up a magazine is your best bet.

Worried a book will have bigger words than those Shakespearean plays you half-read in 10th grade? Don’t. That’s child’s play. Use context clues, and the people around you might be in the boat.

Dustin may or may not also wax poetic about seeing boobs being an upside of reading magazines, but we digress.

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Still not sure what to read? The Bible is always there for grown men who do what they want and will repent for it…eventually.

Grown man sh*t.👍

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