Gabrielle Union Is One Tough Momma In The New Action-Thriller ‘Breaking In’

Gabrielle Union is one mother you do not want to mess with, especially if you mess with her kids. A group of robbers learns that the hard way when they take her kids’ hostage while breaking into her father’s house that has impenetrable security.

Breaking In first trailer
Photo: Universal Pictures

Guess it isn’t that impenetrable after all.

It’s a race against time now as Union shows nothing is scarier than a mother trying to protect her kids at all costs and uncover exactly what secret her father was guarding in his house. Whatever that secret is, the invaders are dead set on finding it and have no issues hurting her family in the process.  Will Packer (No Good Deed, Obsessed) and Gabrielle Union (Almost Christmas, Being Mary Jane) reunite to produce the original thriller. Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Seth Carr, Ajiona Alexus also star in the film.

Breaking In First Trailer

Breaking In arrives in theaters May 11th right in time for Mother’s Day.  Check out the trailer for Breaking In below and treat momma to some dinner at her favorite restaurant and an action pack movie after.

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Gabrielle Union, Billy Burke, Richard Cabral, Seth Carr, Ajiona Alexus

Directed by: James McTeigue

Writer: Ryan Engle

Story by: Jaime Primak Sullivan

Produced by: Will Packer, Gabrielle Union, James Lopez, Craig Perry, Sheila Taylor

Executive Producers: Jaime Primak Sullivan, Valerie Bleth Sharp, Jeff Morrone

Stay Fly!

Photo: Universal Pictures

By Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz)

Photographer, Entertainment Editor for Stuff Fly People Like, Tech/Video Games Writer for Hip-Hop Wired and Men's Lifestyle & Pop Culture Writer iOne Digital.

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