Marvel Unleashes Black Panther’s New Rise TV Spot, Twitter Is Jubilant

Black Panther Rise TV Spot

You know why we’re here!

Millions are tuned in for tonight’s College Football National Championship game but many are only tuned in to see both Kendrick Lamar and a special look at Marvel Studio’s highly anticipated film Black Panther. We are happy to report neither disappointed.

Disney is making sure it’s network, ESPN is getting all the views lately by attaching trailers to these huge sporting events. Black Panther’s latest and the best trailer honestly features a new song from K.Dot and can be viewed above premiered following a stellar performance from movies soundtrack curator Kendrick Lamar.  The “special look” which honestly was just a new trailer perfectly followed Kendrick ending his set with “All The Stars” which will live on the Black Panther soundtrack and letting the crowd know “This is TDE… Black Panther“.


Twitter was already hyped with the announcement that tickets are now on sale for the upcoming the film, this trailer already adds to the hysteria.


We understand the excitement completely, we can’t wait to feast our eyes on this film and hear the amazing soundtrack that will accompany it. So do yourself a favor cop those Black Panther tickets for the culture and hit the gallery below to see more reactions to Black Panther’s new trailer.

Photo: Marvel

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