Fans React To The Season 8 Mid-Season Finale of The Walking Dead

They promised us a shocking death was coming for The Walking Dead Season 8, mid-season finale and they delivered.

Episode 8 titled “How It’s Gotta Be” was definitely an hour plus nerve-wracking experience and it didn’t help we knew someone was going to die. There was plenty of action, suspense with a heavy amount of foreshadowing as we waited to find out which beloved character was going to bite the dust.

All of the turmoil in the form of Negan and his Saviors that was unleashed upon the Alexandrians and Hilltoppers is a direct result of Daryl not being patient and following Rick’s plan. The Saviors were absolutely pissed that they were trapped in The Sanctuary. But who knew the sacrifice would be so great and the one who would suffer again the most is Rick.

While Negan is burning down Alexandria, Rick is racing back to warn them but it’s already too late. His son, Carl is in charge and is trying to get the Alexandrians to safety.  Once they leave Carl mans up faces Negan and offers his own life as a sacrifice to give his people time to escape. At first, it just seemed like a ploy but as it played out Carl was really trying to end his life, no seriously he really was.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

WTF Carl!

Carl hops down and is on his own against an army of Saviors led by Negan who are destroying everything on site looking for him. Carl manages to dodge all of the explosions and Negan but his well being remains a mystery.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

Rick finally arrives back in town frantically searching for his family and finds Negan waiting in his house. They immediately engage in a serious brawl and if we are sure folks thought this might be it for Rick. The fight ends when Negan pushes Rick through a window. So we don’t lose either Rick or Negan at this point.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

Also, Michonne decided to stick around as well so that also gave fans the impression that damn we might lose our favorite katana wielding bad ass. We just didn’t know who was going to go, but boy did we quickly learn.

The Walking Dead, Season 8, Finale

Michonne and Rick are finally reunited when he finds her chopping up a Savior who made the mistake of trying to kill her. They head back to the sewer and we see a good portion of the Alexandrians have made out alive. Rick is searching for his family and he sees Judith but no Carl. Time to start panicking, he makes it to the end and he sees the lone survivor he scared off in the sewer. Then Carl speaks out and says he brought him to Alexandria. Whew, Carl is alive well sort of, as we get a closer look at Carl he is very pale and we all know what the look means.

The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale

Carl has a bite, but did it happen while he was trying to escape The Saviors or did he suffer the bit when he was “releasing walkers”? It was a sad moment and the internet quickly reacted to sad moment.

The show has totally taken different route extreme route with Carl’s impending death.  Season 8 had it’s ups and downs but the season finale definitely delivered, to see more of the fallout from Carl’s “death” hit the gallery below.

Photos: Gene Page/AMC

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