The Walking Dead Recap: Ezekiel Is Tragically Brought Back To Reality

Tonite’s episode of The Walking Dead was arguably the best and most rough one of the season. The spotlight was primarily fixed on King Ezekiel after last weeks cliffhanger.  Episode  4 titled ‘Some Guy’ keeps season 8’s action going plus manages to evoke some emotion out of us.

Episode 4 opens up with King Ezekiel getting into full character as he normally does every day while ruling The Kingdom. We zap back to the tragic events that took place at the end of last weeks episode and we learn that all of the king’s men have been cut down by a few Saviors utilizing a heavy machine gun.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
Gene Page/AMC

It also looked bleak for our favorite fake king but he managed to survive by being shielded by his loyal subjects who died, unfortunately. Ezekiel, suffers a pretty bad leg injury in the process and is slowed down tremendously. To make matters even worse his loyal subjects quickly turn and become un-loyal undead looking to feast on his brains.

It’s not looking good for Ezekiel and he is greatly outnumbered by the dead, things do look up when one of his subjects managed to survive the ambush.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
Gene Page/ AMC

The reunion is short-lived though, lower grunt savior named Gunther who looks like Jeffery Dahmer kills Ezekiel’s savior. He takes Ezekiel hostage and aims to bring him back to Negan as a wonderful trophy. We also find out the Carol, of course, is still alive, you didn’t think she was going to go out like that right?

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap

Carol manages to make it inside The Savior stronghold and sees them packing up the weapons that gunned her crew down. Oh and those weapons happen to be the same weapons that both Daryl and Rick were searching for but didn’t find during their mission.  Carol being the bad ass she is these weapons can’t leave this place cause if they do it spells certain doom for Rick and co.

Hiding in the ceiling, Carol gets the drop on some of The Saviors taking them out in a hail of gunfire. She doesn’t kill all of them some manage to make it outside. A standoff ensues between Carol and the remaining Saviors, bullets are flying but no one is getting shot. Eventually, they start talking and try to negotiate, The Saviors insist they will be leaving with the guns and Carol is not here for that idea.

We zap back to Ezekiel and Gunther who has completely run out of patience with the injured Ezekiel. He decides he’s just going to decapitate the king and put his head on a spike. Things aren’t looking good for Ezekiel until his boy Jerry makes one hell of an appearance.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
Gene Page/ AMC

Jerry comes out of nowhere and saves his king by chopping poor Gunther in half with his trusty ax.

Ezekiel has a fighting chance again with Jerry by his side the two team up to take on the gang of walkers. Jerry is trying to open the gate up that is unfortunately chained up. He tries to break the chain with his ax but in the process manages to break it.

They are both in trouble but are still fending off walkers left and right. Meanwhile, Carol is still engaged in that standoff but she notices that Ezekiel and Jerry need her help. She has a choice, now if she helps Ezekiel and Jerry she will also let The Saviors get away with the guns.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
Gene Page/AMC

The old Carol would have gone after The Saviors but she decides to go save Ezekiel and Jerry. Knowing of the consequences of her actions Ezekiel asks Carol why did she let them get away with the guns? Right there we hear a motorcycle engine and Carol tells Ezekiel they, in fact, didn’t get away with the guns. Daryl and Rick are on the job once again.

The Walking Dead Some Guy Recap
Gene Page/AMC

In an amazing chase scene, Daryl and Rick chase down the two saviors and manage to take them both out and getting their hands on those guns. Jerry and Carol are doing their best to help Ezekiel who is pretty much one legged at this point. They make it to this river full of toxic waste and of course walkers, Ezekiel knows that he is nothing but dead weight and tells Jerry and Carol to leave him and he will hold off the walkers the best he can.

Jerry insists on staying with his king, Ezekiel turns to him and yells at Jerry that he is no longer his king. Things again look bleak for Ezekiel and it looks like we are about to lose him until his trusty pet/sidekick tiger Shiva jumps in and saves them.

Now here’s where things get pretty rough in this episode. Shiva made the ultimate sacrifice for the friend that once saved her from certain death. Of course, Ezekiel didn’t handle Shiva’s death very well.

The Walking Dead Some Guy
Gene Page/AMC

Shiva’s sacrifice gave the trio just enough time they needed to get away from the toxic walkers and make it back to The Kingdom. Ezekiel is visibly no longer the proud king he was and limps to his quarters a broken man and the episode ends.

Shiva was the hero we didn’t deserve, the internet, of course, paid the ninja tiger her proper respects. Hit the gallery to see all well wishes for our favorite CGI tiger.

Photos: Gene Page/AMC

By Bernard Smalls (@PhotosByBeanz)

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