Marvel Blesses Us With New Black Panther Trailer & It Is Pure Melanin Epicness

Black Panther is L I T once again after the folks at Marvel surprised folks with a BRAND NEW trailer for the highly anticipated standalone film for the melanin infused superhero.

With the words of Gil Scott Heron and Vince Staples as the soundtrack, the new trailer for Ryan Coogler’s first Marvel cinematic opus, we are treated to an even deeper look into the beautiful, colorful and technologically advanced world fo WakandaMarvel Black Panther

We also get a more detailed look at the film’s main villain Erik Killmonger (Michael B.Jordan), we were also shocked to see they revealed his own version of the Black Panther costume or as it is referred to in the comics the Golden Jaguar suit.

Black Panther Trailer

Of course, we get to see the king in action as he puts on full display the powers of the mythical protector of Wakanda. The internet has already been set ablaze by the trailer and the internet can’t stop beaming at how amazing it is.

February 2018 can’t get here soon enough, watch the intense second trailer for Black Panther below.

Photo: Marvel

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