Lucious is struggling with regaining his memory as well as being one-legged Joe. That’s not his only worry though cause his crazy mama is still around. We found out she is still certifiably nuts when she tries to drown her son like in the flashbacks featuring Kelly Rowland as his younger crazy mama. Luckily for Lucious, his up to no good nurse Claudia comes back in time to save him from his mama.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Cookie doesn’t trust Claudia and decides to permanently move into Lucious’ mansion and won’t leave until she fixes her man. Claudia takes Lucious to one of his old stomping grounds in Philly a diner after a round of memory flashcards. The owner recognizes Lucious and reminisces when Lucious used to visit with a composer named Eddie Barker (Forest Whitaker). Claudia immediately tells the owner to stop and go away but Lucious is intrigued and speaks with the owner behind Claudia’s back to find out where he can find Eddie.

Lucious slips out of the diner without Claudia knowing and heads to Eddie’s location to speak with him. Eddie, of course, is happy to see him but has no idea Lucious doesn’t really remember him. It’s when Eddie brings up a story from Lucious’ troubled past that triggers Lucious memory and he has an episode. Eddie decides to stop by Lucious’ house, he hops on the piano and sings a song and Cookie joins in on the meeting. Lucious thanks Eddie for stopping by and leaves. Eddie and Cookie have a conversation and it’s at that moment he points out the Lucious doesn’t even remember him. Cookie tries to deny it at first but she eventually comes clean and begs Eddie to keep it a secret between them and he agrees. Eddie gives Cookie advice and tells her to lean on Empire and it’s artists and the music after she reveals to him that Empire isn’t looking too good financially.

Now, what about the Lyon cubs? Jamal lands a contract with a movie to make a new title track. He also is planning to release an album full of love songs as well.  Andre finds a buyer for Empire X Stream, and almost caps off his night with some bathroom sex with a woman he meets at the bar but he can’t get it up.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Hakeem the wild child is back at Empire trying to come up with another hit record. Becky, the interim A&R at Empire because Hakeem’s baby mama is currently in jail wants him to drop another pop smash like “Drip Drop”.

Hakeem, of course, wants to put out a pure hip-hop track and points out that when Anika was head of A&R she would let him do anything. Well she’s not, Becky convinces Hakeem to take her advice by telling him if he drops another pop hit it will allow him to do whatever he wants. Hakeem agrees and when Becky leaves he reveals he will make the pop track but he still gotta the personal one out of the way.

Now we mentioned Anika, she is currently locked up for the murder of Tariq which she didn’t commit. At her hearing which didn’t go too well, she tells Hakeem to “tell Cookie I remember January 7, 2017!” as she is being taken away.  Cookie and Thirsty visit her and jail, Cookie knows that is the date that Bunky died. Anika tells Cookie she wants out of jail. The meeting pays off cause Thirsty comes through in the clutch with a doctored tape that makes it seem like Tariq was stalking and threatening her.

Speaking of Tariq, Cookie catches Lucious mama going through her drawers looking for a gun to kill Lucious with. It’s during this interaction that Lucious mama reveals that she was the one that killed Tariq. After the revelation, Cookie decides mama has to go away and they have her crazy ass recommitted to the mental institution.

Now back at Empire, remember that track that Jamal was working on? Well, he plays it for the producer of the movie. The producer is digging it but wants Jamal to make some significant changes to the track which would make it a completely different record altogether. A&R Becky insists that Jamal makes the changes but Jamal doesn’t want to and reminds her shes only interim A&R.  Jamal makes the changes but still does what he wants and not what the producer wants and Becky is not feeling it. Jamal finds Becky in the conference room with Tory and the movie producer playing his song but there is a huge difference. Jamal is no longer on the record.

Jamal is furious and tells Becky “Pull this s— again, and you won’t have a job at my label”. Too bad he doesn’t know that Cookie has different plans for Becky. Becky tells Cookie before an important press conference what happened between her and her son and instead of siding with Jamal she sides with Becky. She tells Becky “I need strong people around me,” and tells Porsha to take the interim title off Becky’s title and raise her salary 30 percent.

Power Season 2, Episode 9

With that out of the way, Cookie reveals at the press conference that Empire will release 20 new albums for the label’s 20th anniversary. Not the news Andre wanted to hear because he is the one who has to come up with the money.  Furious at the news he snaps on Cookie but she shuts that down quickly and tells Andre he better find the money quickly. Not to mention he already has heat on him from the NYPD who is questioning him about Giuliana. He also is shocked to see that woman whom he almost had sex with is one of the detectives paying him a visit.

Anika is now a free woman and her first stop on her I am out the bing tour is Hakeem’s house. He opens the door and the first thing she sees is Tiana holding Bella. Definitely, something she doesn’t want to see at all. Claudia was not too happy about Lucious sneaking away from her and decides she has had enough. She tells Lucious that she is leaving but he begs her to stay and insists that she needs her. She hears his cries and consoles him and tells him that she is not leaving.

We think this was her plan all along to get Lucious back in line. Things are starting to get very interesting in the Empire and we can’t wait to see next weeks episode. Of course, Empire fans had the best commentary during the show, hit the gallery below to see hilarious tweets.


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