LeBron James Accurately Labels President Trump A Bum, Twitter Elevates Him To G.O.A.T Status

Steph Curry gained an ally in on-court rival,LeBron James after the tanned menace who is unfortunately our President rescinded his invitation to the White House via Twitter.

Donald Trump has a bevy of things to worry about being the President and all such as the entire country of Puerto Rico being without power after being ravaged by Hurricane Maria. Trump may have thought he was doing a something to hurt Curry’s feelings but the star guard already expressed he didn’t care visit the White House while Trump is in it.

Trumps dumb Tweet garnered unprecedented backlash on but it’s LeBron’s tweet that set the internet ablaze and earned him unanimous social media MVP. The two-time champion didn’t show no restraint when he accurately called Trump a bum and Twitter was totally here for it.

We see no lies in that tweet. James tweet also gained support from the sports world:

The slander didn’t end there Peep some of the hilarious reactions to the U Bum tweet in the gallery below:





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