Raina Makes The Ultimate Sacrifice

This is the moment for us where Riq officially took over sole possession as the most hated character on Power. All throughout this season despite how he treated Raina, she stood by her moronic brother. Unfortunately her loyalty got her killed in the process. Riq thinks he is going to get out his situation blemish free and head to Connecticut without a worry in the world.

Riq set up a plan with his boo thang Destiny to meet him at his dance to supply him with some lean and some buns. What Riq didn’t know was that Ray Ray was pulling Destiny’s strings and he was setting up the whole thing. The night of the dance comes and Riq goes outside looking for Destiny and his lean. Instead he is greeted by Ray Ray and he immediately goes intro track star mode. Ray Ray loses sight of Riq and at that moment is confronted by Raina.

Unlike her brother, Raina is no punk and lets Ray Ray know that she knows who he is and to leave her brother alone. Ray Ray knows he can’t have anyone knowing that he’s a crooked cop pulls out his gun and points at it Raina.

Time immediately slows down and with Riq watching, Ray Ray guns down his sister in cold-blood. Our instant reaction is accurately depicted in the gif below.

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Memes

Ray Ray’s punk ass runs off and Riq immediately runs to his sister’s lifeless body. In a sad moment Riq calls out to her but we all know she’s gone and the screen fades to black.

This will mess Riq up even more mentally cause he will definitely feel this is all his fault (it is). How will he deal with it? Will he tell his parents exactly what happened? Or will he continue to lie? One thing is definitely for sure based off the trailer for next week’s episode, Raina’s death will unite the family as they will be out for blood and seek to avenge Raina’s death!


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