The Kanan Factor

When he’s not leaking episodes of his own show he’s still acting in it. Kanan is still a factor and he will be involved once again after another failed attempt on his life.

Dre is trying to make sure his path to the top of the drug game is free of any obstacles. He already has Tommy on the ropes and pretty much out-of-the-way but that still leaves the issue of Kanan. Throughout the episode Dre has been avoiding hilariously emoji filled text messages.

Dre enlists the help of his new partner Cristobal to take care of the boogeyman of Power. Unfortunately for Dre, Cristobal hired the worst hitmen every to handle the job. TWO that’s right TWO men failed to take out ONE guy as Kanan easily dispatched his knife wielding attackers killing them with the knife they brought.

Now we don’t know if that will lead right back to Dre, but all we do know is he has a huge Kanan problem on his hands now. We don’t usually root for Kanan here but after all of the sneaky shit Dre has done this season we hope Kanan cancels Christmas on him immediately for the culture!


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