Ghost Plan Backfires.

Ghost is not happy he has to be Stern’s token black businessman at the expense of his wife borrowing money from him. Ghost of course is always cunning and looking for the best way to put himself in the best position to come out on top in situations that don’t benefit him at first. During a meeting with his new business buddy Councilman Tate, he divulges some of the stipulations of his contract with Stern.

The two discover something in Ghost’s contract that they can take advantage of that can help Ghost make some more coins in his deal. At the board meeting to approve Simon and James venture, Tate brings the contractual issue up at the meeting and the committee agrees not to vote on the contract till it is corrected. Thanks to Tate, Ghost will now get a larger cut of Stern’s take but now he owes Tate and his means of compensation wont sit well with him.

After having a small and touching reunion with Angela at the gala, Tate shows up with some company.

Tate is accompanied by Alphonse, Ghost noticed Tate heading off to speak with the young hustler while he was conducting an interview with Oliva Gorman. In order for their redevelopment plan to be a success they need to rid the streets of drug dealers and the only way that can happen is money. In exchange for Tate helping Ghost get more money, he wants him to make sure Alphonse is well compensated as well. Ghost definitely had a look of shock on his face at these new developments.

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Maybe he should have listened to Stern? One thing is definitely certain, Ghost is not a fan of being taken advantage of, we know he won’t let this situation go on as is for too long!


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