Tommy Is Losing Control Again.

Tommy is going off the deep end…AGAIN. With his distro Dre secretly plotting his downfall, gunning for his position behind his back and his mom keeping existence of his father from him his world is spiraling out of control. After Dre burns down the warehouse with all of the product in it Tommy is in a serious bind.

He’s already high off the coke he took from his mother’s house after ransacking it looking for his birth certificate. He’s no longer level-headed and he needs cash fast to fix this situation cause if he doesn’t his primeras are gone and he’s pretty much a dead man. His first stop on the I need some financial help tour  is the St.Patrick residence to talk to Tasha.

Normally this would be a slam dunk because Tasha always comes through for Tommy but this is the one time she can’t. Tommy wants Tasha to clean some money for him through the hair salon but she quickly shuts that idea down. The two main reasons she can’t help Tommy is

  1. She’s making an attempt to go legit.
  2. LaKeisha want’s nothing to do with Tommy anymore.

Tommy doesn’t handle Tasha’s rejection very well, so what is his next move? He tries to smooth things over with Keisha.

Tommy does his best to try to convince Keisha to let him use the shop to get some cash but she’s no longer dickmatized. Keisha is not feeling Tommy anymore after he left her hanging after their last smash session. Tommy does explain to her what happened in his life since then and Keisha looks like she has some sympathy for him. But as far as letting him using her and the shop to get the cash Keisha was like:

Tommy is now 0-2 so his last hope is none other than his brother Ghost and this meeting was pure comedy. Tommy returns to the St.Patrick residence and he is high as a kite and Ghost knows it. Ghost tells him to meet him in the back and they go at it like they are married. Tommy breaks down everything that is going on with Jimenez and what happened to the warehouse and Ghost wants nothing to do with it.

The shouting match between the both of them gets intense with each touching sensitive subjects. Ghost takes things a bit too far for Tommy’s liking when he mentions his dad and Tommy hilariously headbutts Ghost.

Absolutely hilarious, well in the end Tommy still gets what he wants and Ghost’s writes him a check. Ghost kicks Tommy out of the house and tells him never to roll up in his crib high again. Tommy runs to meet with Dre and the primeras and it’s not looking good. They all have decided to ditch Tommy, and Father Callahan stayed behind to give him the honor of telling him to his face. Tommy is OVER IT, after Father Callahan leaves Tommy tears into Dre.

Dre and Tommy go at it, Dre’s sneaky ass makes sure to let Tommy know that all he has done was try correct Tommy’s screw ups. Tommy isn’t try to hear it though and wants Dre to go away! Dre tells him if he leaves that he is gone forever ( that’s his plan period) and Tommy reminds him that’s exactly what he wants.

Tommy is like Patti LaBelle, he’s on his own now when it comes to the drug game. With no one else to turn to, Tommy goes and pays his dad a visit.

Tony asks if there is anything he can help his son with? Tommy replies yes quickly and he also lets his dad  know that he’s ready to meet the rest of the Teresi family.


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